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Voices for Freedom -- The Hyers Sisters' Legacy

Executive Producer, Director, Writer: Susheel Bibbs, M.E.P. Productions/DKC,Inc.

An award-winning documentary about two extraordinary sisters, accomplished and popular singers of color whose careers in classical music began just after the American Civil War and extended well into the difficult Post-Reconstruction era. These young women risked their successful operatic careers by standing up for Black dignity, integrating casting, and popularizing what became the very first American musicals. That these young, highly-acclaimed Black singers established quite a legacy at that time in American history is remarkable enough, but for their names to remain mostly unknown is sadly notable as well. 

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This documentary is no longer available on our platform however, the newest Hyers sisters' film can be rented or purchased via on-demand link or through the film's website. Here are those links:


- Hyers website  - https://www.thehyerssisterssite.com

- Direct purchase or rental of the newest Hyers film on-demand link:   https://vimeo.com/ondemand/hyerssisters

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