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Our Federal tax ID is 86-2276658. 

The Denyce Graves Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. 

The mission of the Denyce Graves Foundation (DGF) is to promote equity and inclusion in American classical vocal arts through an unprecedented approach: championing the hidden musical figures of the past while uplifting young artists of world-class talent from all backgrounds. 

As a nonprofit organization anchored at the intersection of social justice, American history, and the arts, DGF seeks to expand the public’s understanding of the rich, multicultural history of classical music by bringing the stories of our nation's hidden musical figures to light. 

This is achieved through collaboration and alliance with renowned chroniclers, presenters and educators in history and culture, including The Smithsonian Institution, The Metropolitan Opera, Library of Congress, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center, as well as with some of America's elite Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Conservatories, and Schools of Music.   

Founded by world-renowned opera star Denyce Graves, DGF celebrates trailblazing musicians, music educators, and composers of color through community engagement programs, concerts and presentations, creation of new works of art, establishment of young artist development training and more, as well as via social and traditional media. The Foundation sets the stage for true representation in American vocal arts by providing opportunities, access and exposure, that all singers need to take ownership of their talent and shape their own fulfilling careers.


Our Mission and  Vision


Artistic excellence has no racial,

physical, or economic limitations.


The rich multiracial history of American vocal arts is our strength. It is what makes us great. The Denyce Graves Foundation will use our strength of diversity to support, empower, uplift and promote developing artists from all backgrounds.

Our Foundation is founded on the premise that systemic issues require systemic solutions.

Founded by Denyce Graves, who is a distinguished opera singer, director, and teacher, DGF stands apart from every other organization currently in operation in the performing arts space. By working at the intersection of vocal arts, social justice, and American history, DGF is positioned to drive both localized and systemic change.


In alignment with our mantra that educating is activism, DGF’s programs inform, engage, and transform audiences, artists, and institutions alike. In the words of founder Denyce Graves, “DGF is rooted in the belief that now is the time to increase our nation’s commitment to its artists, both past and present—for America’s future and for the whole world. In paying homage to the achievements of so many who have gone before while serving the real needs of today’s emerging artist singers, The Denyce Graves Foundation is giving back and paying it forward at the same time.”

Join us in creating a world that reflects what we know to be true: artistic excellence has no racial, physical, or economic limitations.

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