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1740 Broadway 15th floor

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Shared Voices is an unprecedented collaboration between Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), top conservatories, and schools of music in the United States.  This initiative is designed to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in a groundbreaking way.

Through classes, individual lessons, coaching, rehearsals, performances, and peer-to-peer exchanges, participants will have access to expand their cultural horizons, develop networks, and gain new insights into potential opportunities for a fulfilling career. These singers will take ownership of their career trajectories in a classical vocal arts landscape,  and one that reflects the diverse world in which we live. 

“I view it as both an honor and a privilege to take part in a program that will work to mirror the diversity we see in our communities for a more pragmatic classical landscape.”

Sophia Baete,

Junior, Mezzo-soprano at Juilliard

“Through faith, perseverance, and determination, with great humility, I take pride in the opportunity to allow the Shared Voices program to assist me to grow vocally and academically and to use these tools to continue to showcase captivating talent and black excellence, such as Ms. Denyce Graves.” 

– Jay Anthonee,

Graduate Student, Baritone, Morgan State University

“Being a part of the Shared Voices program is important to me because I am grateful to share my musical gift with others and I'm honored to work with such amazing people!"

–Jonathan Walters Suber

Sophomore, Tenor, Howard University

OUR 2022-2023 PROGRAMS

This year, Shared Voices brings students and faculty from 8 outstanding academic institutions together, all well-known for their successful music programs. The voice faculties and administrators of these institutions are fully committed to creating a more equitable and inclusive musical future for our communities and are honored to be partnered with the Denyce Graves Foundation.

Through shared experiences, students and faculty will expand their cultural horizons, develop networks, explore curriculum development, and engage in thoughtful dialogue.


Your generous donation to the Denyce Graves Foundation supports our efforts in bringing Shared Voices to more of our nation’s vocal arts programs, to enrich the lives of more students, and help encourage a cultural landscape within the vocal arts at American universities that reflects the diverse world in which we live.